Well it’s about time!

October 27, 2009

Just received the email telling me my Super Duper All Singing All Dancing Collectors Edition of Forza Motorsport 3 has shipped.

I am excited, and due to express shipping it should be here on release day.

That being the US release day, the 27th of October. Inexplicably the rest of the world got it on the 23rd. I bothered Turn 10 on their Twitter feed, but received no reply as to why their home market had to wait longer than the rest of the planet.

Still, very excited. Getting an Xbox this year was a great idea. Will write more on my precious at a later date, but so far this year the only games I’ve been excited for have been Xbox 360 titles. Biggest was probably Halo ODST (again, more on that a later date, and I have lots to say), though I expect Forza to wind up being my game of the year.

If you’re new to reading the blog, it’s still pretty new, so please stick around. I am occasionally interesting.

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