Gaming in anger

November 3, 2009

magic-alpha-lotus-lightHad a migraine floating around for 2-3 days now which has limited my gaming, though do plan to start a regular series talking about what I’ve been playing.

Just wanted to update and say perhaps it’s the migraine, but the gaming industry is pissing me off. Yeah, nothing new. Dragon Age has released. Yet another game with DLC the day it was released. What makes this all the more galling is Bioware are a source of pride where I live as they’re a local company, and it’s irritating to see them pulling this stunt. I mean at least with Neverwinter Nights they put out proper expansions. Now it’s the old “Oh, you’ve just paid full price. Here’s some stuff we pulled off the disk so we could gouge you even more.”

Add Bioware to the list of companies I’ll no longer financially support.

I also read over at the mighty Rock, Paper, Shotgun that Sony are working on a Magic: The Gathering MMO. Yes, not content with grinding out cards at ludicrous prices, Wizards are now whoring their second biggest IP into the MMO clicheverse. The question I have to ask is… Why? (Obvious greed not withstanding.)

The entire joy of Magic is hurling cards around and making flying Mountain Goats to send to their doom. Not sure quite how well that would work in the MMO format.

Anyway, I’ll be back later in the week probably. Now I have to go back to Liberty City and wreak some havoc.

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