Revisiting the Classics: Floor 13 – An After Action Report

November 6, 2009

Floor 13 was a game created in the early 90’s where you are the minister in charge of a shady government agency and “retirement” means being defenestrated.

After reading this thread I was reminded of Floor 13 and hunted it down for the Amiga emulator and fired it up. Sadly while I COULD provide screen shots, there is very little point given the game is almost entirely text based. What follows is a detailed account of my time at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

There is a random element to the game so no two games are alike, and this run apparently was the turn of Albanian’s to get angry with me. First a notable Albanian condemned our capitalist society, so the Home Office asked him to leave. I discredited him by having the papers report that he had been involved with an armed robbery.

The Prime Minister liked that.

Then an Albanian extremist organization condemned me again. So I smeared them by having the papers say they’d dumped toxic waste on a beach. (I just told my guys to discredit them. I had no say in how.)

The Prime Minister liked that as well as it killed the story. A happy Prime Minister means no trip out of a window for me any time soon. Well, for today anyway.

Then the animal liberation people started a campaign against a professor experimenting on animals. Political damage was minor, but every few days the organization would make more allegations against the professor and the damage started to mount. I debated how best to handle the situation and made a decision.

I ordered the professor killed.

It didn’t work however. Just can’t get the staff these days it would seem. All my operatives succeeded in doing was putting the good Professor into a coma. I’d call that a moderate win however. The following day I arrive to find an intercepted communication on my desk. Three special branch officers had been killed at a Chinese restaurant. I ordered discrete searching.

The following day, January 20th, I’m told all mentions of the animal liberation group and the professor have been removed from the archives. So clearly I must have dealt with the situation. It’s a shame I had to try and kill him, but if you try and insert obscene things into ferrets, well then you made your lifestyle choice a long time ago and must face the consequences.

Then, unfortunately, the game must have been badly cracked or something as the game died with an error about missing files. *sob*

So we will return to Floor 13 another time, once I find a decent working copy. Very disappointed, but my brief time was enjoyable and I will seek out a properly working copy as I had far too much fun.

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