Floor 13 AAR – Take Two (Which ended with another crash)

November 7, 2009

floor-13-screenshot-1A new copy has been found. As I write this, I have no idea if it’s going to work correctly, but here we go anyway.

Addendum: Sadly this version was bugged as well and crashed. I will try this a third time soon as I have the PC version to run in DosBOX which will hopefully be more successful. If you read the AAR you can see why I’m especially frustrated by this one.

Incidentally, I found the game actually has a fan site! Nice to know I’m not alone in remembering the game fondly. It’s one of those games that it seems almost nobody has heard of, which given it’s unique style and content (shady government agencies from a time BEFORE The X Files) is a surprise.

Of course maybe it isn’t, as unimaginative titles that pander to the masses always last while the truly unique leave almost no trace, which is the real tragedy.

So, I put on my suit and tie, and hope to avoid defenestration (and game ending errors) as I approach my new job (for the second time) at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

It’s New Years Day. I arrive at my office. The only report is that the Prime Minister will see me tomorrow. Then we’re shown the current polls. If we wish to avoid being put through a window in our tall office building, we must make sure the public are not displeased. For a displeased public means a displeased PM, and a displeased PM means flying lessons for yours truly.

I have 3 weeks until the PM next wants to see me. Of course if I do something very good or very bad before then, he’ll haul me in.

Let’s find out who the first bane of my existence will be.

First report is of a pitbull ripping a pensioner to pieces. A “devil dog” attack as the media would most likely brand it. Whatever.

Ah, the good stuff. An intercepted Soviet spy satellite tranmission has the Soviet’s watching a Carribean (sic) bank and unable to trace the funds of one Bill F. MWAHAA! Let’s have a little surveillance on Bill F shall we. Reports indicate he’s associated with the mafia. Well well well…

I sign the order for surveillance and leave my office. Yes, it’s a busy life here at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

January 4th, and I’ve still not screwed up enough to be defenestrated. Hurray!

Today’s carnival of darkness has Lee H threatening to start vigilante action against dog owners. Amusingly his official file has “Synopsis: Dog Hater” written on it. HAHA! Now what to do? I think a little smear will do, so I contact my operatives and order some dis-information be put out about him. That should shut him up. I debate having him killed, but that seems a little hardcore. Perhaps if the smear campaign fails to shut him up.

January 7th rolls around.

Interesting. Bill F’s company has suffered a stock market slump due to a US investigation into his affairs. As he’s a government supporter this is mildly damaging, but I think we’ll just leave the surveillance for now.

Today’s busy day involved reading a one page report on Bill F’s stock and that was it. I like this job.

Next day Vigilante Inc., the dog haters, attack some dogs and their owners.  The political damage is, apparently, “negligible”. HAHA!

To be safe though, I send 10 agents to infiltrate the group.

The following day all mention of Lee H and Vigilante Inc. are removed from my files. Quite where this leaves my ten agents I’m not sure.

Unlike the previous aborted game, there is no big political threat looming yet, meaning I can probably avoid taking a swift trip through the window for at least another week.

Ten days in. Not dead yet.

My enthusiasm is tempered somewhat by a note informing me the PM will see me tomorrow and is in a fit and I should prepare to be “roasted”. Hoping this is a metaphor.

I cautiously open the days reports and see what the problem is. Bill F, that noted government supporter has had his accounts and assets frozen. Political damage is “mounting”. Now we have a dilemma.

If I have him killed and make him go away, that will look very suspicious. I could make him merely disappear and take him into custody myself. The problem there is he still doesn’t go away. I can’t discredit him as that will damage the government. Watching him is clearly pointless.

I decide to haul Bill F in for a little light “questioning”. Unfortunately they tell me it will take 4 days to pull this off. Who knows WHAT chaos the man could cause by then. I reluctantly decide to order Bill “removed”, well aware of the suspicion that will surround such an act. I should have acted earlier and had him dealt with more severely after the Soviet communication we intercepted. I played it softly when I should have played it hard.

I sign the order requesting Bill F’s termination.

After the heavy nature of that, the next report is about some whining lefty named Daniel who wants London a nuclear free zone. As I have the forms in front of me I debate setting up a two for one deal. Instead I opt to let the story slide. The damage is minor and requires a train being diverted. Nothing bad could possibly happen from leaving this alone… Given the Bill F matter and how it got out of a hand I decide to order a discrete search of Daniel’s home in the hope of finding some corpses or some farm animals in his wardrobe.

I go home to a stiff drink.

I say hello to the stiff drink.

I awake prepared to have myself torn a new one by the PM.

My job is to keep the great unwashed from learning of government mistakes. GET THIS SORTED NOW!

I arrive at my office to discover the window open. Disconcerting.

The days newspapers are alight with speculation of Bill’s relationship with the government. The political damage is considerable.

I count the days left until his “removal”.

And that’s when the game crashed. Tried reloading but the same error every time.

Third time lucky with the PC version I hope.

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