Floor 13 AAR – The Final Attempt – Part 1

November 7, 2009

floor-13-screenshot-1So here we are again, on Floor 13. This time I’m using the PC version. The Amiga version was slow due to the floppy disk emulation and all versions you can find online are broken. The PC version will hopefully be more reliable.

I am going to write this up in multiple parts as I’m hoping this will continue for a while and I will not wind up being hurled out the window.

My first proper day in the office I learn that a known European terrorist named Mr Ludo Weiss has been seen crossing into the mainland from Ireland. He hasn’t been active in over a year but has been linked to many groups. Given the debacle with Bill in the previous aborted game I decide this time I will put him under surveillance, have him followed, and discretely search his residence.

I admit I did toy the with the idea of just having him killed right away. Perhaps in a future AAR I will go nuts and just have everyone killed.  See how long I can last. This time, however, it’s a proper play through.

There is a news story related to the murder of a woman found near the home of The Duke of Avon. I decide to take the same course of action and have him watched, followed and discretely searched.

I also order the Old Docks where the body was found ransacked and searched.

I sign off on the days orders and go home, putting my faith in the PC version of my “job” to not go wrong and the only “crash” being me going through the glass of my office windows as I’m “retired” eventually.

The next days news brings a police inspector denying rumours that he’s concerned about the President’s son attending Cambridge. Said inspector also denies drafting a letter of resignation. This seems simple enough. Which of course means I’ll ignore him and he’ll probably turn out to be a serial murderer with a penchant for one legged Belgian prostitutes. As a precaution I order him watched and followed.

plotload_000Aha! Our first surveillance report on The Duke of Avon. At 11:48pm he entered the Old Docks and left at 12:34am. Covering his tracks perhaps? Or perhaps out for an innocent stroll in the night air.

January 5th. Telephone message. “The PM will see you tomorrow morning.” EEP!

First report has the surveillance of Ludo Weiss. His home is searched during the surveillance. Did we find anything?

Nope. Not a bean. No C4 or Semtex either. Annoying.

Next up is an MI5 intercept. Mr Jim Mullins is under surveillance and forces will be ready to catch him “red handed” when he makes his drug delivery for the INLA drug ring. (In this game the INLA are akin to the IRA.) My report indicates he’s insignificant. I decide to let him slide as my operatives are in action elsewhere, and barring a major turnaround, he’s a small fish in a very big pond. I do, however, send 10 operatives to infiltrate the INLA.

The search report of the Old Docks turns up. They found a champagne cork. Great work there lads!

I turn the page… OH CRAP! I have a serial killer on my hands. Another body has been found at the Old Docks! There’s a dead body. All my guys found was a cork. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and believe they searched before the body was dumped.

Now I’m fairly certain I ordered The Duke of Avon pursued. Yet I have received no reports of his actions. He went to the Old Docks. Now a corpse has turned up there. Hmm…

Political damage is “CONSIDERABLE”. Oh bugger. PM will be pleased I’m sure. Is it too much to jump to the conclusion that the “Docks Ripper” as The Star are calling him is the Duke? I stare at my options for dealing with the Duke. Is he the killer? If I make a mistake here, another woman could die. If I act rashly, an innocent man may lose his life. I decide to order his home ransacked in a search for clues. I’m told it will take 3 days to plan due to the possibility of good security.

Three days. Three nights on which the “Docks Ripper” could kill again.

I sign the order and leave, wondering if I have done the right thing…

To Be Continued…


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