Modern Warfare 2 (Updated)

November 11, 2009

I am SO BLOODY SICK of the endless hyperbole and hype about this bloody game. Activision can suck it. They jacked the price up for this for no discernible reason. They’re greedy, and creatively bankrupt.

I’m sick of the media hype about the violence and the terrorist level.

I’m sick of fanboys.

I’m sick of the world acting like this is the only game made in the last year.

So outside of this post I will not be mentioning Modern Warfare 2 ever again, because I hate hype and greed.

I’ve seen video of the terrorist level. You can see it here.

This is what I just said about it on Rock Paper Shotgun.

Activision need to be shot for “that level”. And no, not for why you think.

This industry has struggled for respectability for years. Every time some idiot shoots up a school it turns out he’s played video games and they get tarnished. As gamers we’ve struggled so long to be accepted as legitimate entertainment.

So in one fell swoop, Activision have set the game industry back ten bloody years, just because some idiot suit at Activision thinks controversy makes for good publicity. (Saw the video on Destructoid.) For the sake of a quick buck, Activision have sacrificed the industry, and you can bet that if somebody who can be shown to have played this shoots up a public place, goodbye ESRB, as Activision just did your legs and now the government WILL be involved in ratings.

Well thanks a lot, jackasses. Perhaps you should have stopped to think “Okay, how can we tell this story without feeding the fire that condemns the industry? How can we benefit the industry here and not create problems down the line?” But no, they took the greedy way out and went for cheap controversy and have done immense damage to the industry. The effects won’t be felt now, but you can be damn sure down the road, they will be.

As for the game, fuck Activision. They can keep this overly hyped cumshot of a game.

When an enemy is shooting at you, you don’t hand them ammunition.


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  1. Jenny Wadley Says:

    Well-thought, well-said. Wish someone would listen. Excellent post!

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