Floor 13 AAR – Part 2

December 1, 2009

Before reading this, BE SURE YOU READ PART 1!!!

The following morning I am hauled up before the PM and told he wants this sorted now. No derogatory remarks in the press or I’ll be defenestrated.


I get to work and nervously check the reports. The surveillance on the Duke… He was in the docks… I continue flipping through the reports.

In other news, Ludo Weiss has been tailed and visited an address which I will of course be ordering searched. As a known terrorist associate he needs to be watched closely. I order the resident of this new address, Nick Brady, pursued. I also order his house to be discretely searched.

The ransacking of the Duke’s house turned up nothing. Then I turn the page… Horror…

There has been another murder. Right after the Duke was seen going to the docks. I decide enough is enough. I refrain from having him killed and instead choose to pull him in for interrogation. I cannot order the murder of a man who may be innocent, but who the police seem incapable of stopping.

I am told it will take five days.

I return home that night and seek solace in a large glass of Scotch.

The following morning my interrogation agents say I must be mad, they can’t possibly pull in the Duke of Avon.¬† Sadly it looks like I may have to have him killed. Assuming I can. It would appear my operatives are forgetting who the boss is. I am the one that goes out the window (literally) if proven wrong, not them.

A report on the tapped phone of Ludo Weiss indicates that he is planning a hit of some description. No further details. I think it’s time we pulled in Mr Weiss for a little chat.

I mull the Duke situation for a while… Three women are dead. He is easily the prime suspect.

With shaking hand I sign the order for his termination.

A glass is not enough tonight. I crawl inside the bottle.

The following day I discover Mr Weiss has been visiting a known former terrorist. I order said former terrorist pulled in for questioning. I then receive a piece of evidence from Brady’s residence. Code for different stages of the operation. It’s all vegetable names. Will be very useful I hope.

The following day I receive another surveillance report. The Duke has entered the old docks once again. I already know what’s coming soon… Another victim.

January 12th: I receive news the PM wants to see me tomorrow. The 13th. How fitting. I fully expect defenestration in the near future.

First report of the day has Ludo Weiss being abducted for interrogation. The web is spreading. Nick Brady is visiting other addresses. I am done being subtle here. I realise that something is brewing, and interrogation may not do the trick. My tolerance for this known terrorist grows weary. It’s almost with glee that I sign the order for his termination.

As expected at the end of the days reports, another body has been found. Clearly my termination order on the Duke is not misplaced.

Though with the PM obviously angry, I realise I may not get the chance to finish any of my work here.

January 13th: PM is very angry. MI5 are upset with me. I am warned to start taking my job seriously or I’ll be taking flying lessons.

I decide a joke about not having a pilots license may be ill advised.

The first news is my inept operatives completely failed to removed Mr Nick Brady, who is in hospital, decidedly not dead.

And your taxes are paying for these idiots!

However, Brady is inactive due to being in hospital so at least the operation isn’t a total disaster.

Ludo Weiss is at stage zero in the interrogation and is refusing to talk. I order the interrogation to be stepped up. Rolf Braun is in the next cell and is also being petulant. I order interrogation stepped up there as well.

A quick check of the polls shows the PM 10 points behind. This will not reflect well on me.

Seriously considering investing in a parachute.

I arrive at the office the next day… There is a man waiting for me in the office.

The last thing I remember before hitting the ground was how badly I’d parked my car that day…




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