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February 16, 2011

I often wonder if I should bother writing about gaming news. Other sites do it more often than I would ever be willing too. Plus I did it for a living for a year or two. If you aren’t already cynical about the gaming industry, which I already was anyway, spending a year having to deal with news stories will make you that way. It’s a poisonous industry. Creativity is crushed. (At least it was then. The Indie scene is saving that aspect of it right now. Though what passes for creativity is debatable.)

Activision quietly murdered Guitar Hero last week. Almost nobody seemingly cared. In fact I would expect gaming completists like me probably breathed a sign of relief going “Hurray! No more DLC!” That died, bunch of other stuff was killed. Whatever. Activision are quickly usurping Electronic Arts as the most evil game publisher out there.

I am trying to place a moratorium on my buying of new games. Especially for the PC. Problem is as a transit geek Paradox Interactive’s upcoming “Cities in Motion” is far too tempting. Plus at the end of the month we have the second Expand-alone for Dawn of War 2. Now I bought Dawn of War 2 last year. In late March. If you read back through the blog you’ll understand why I have yet to play it properly.

My hardcore strategy games are still taunting me. AI War is at version 5 now. My excuse that I was waiting for the latest expansion to be released is gone. Why must I delay playing it? Oh yeah, the seemingly impenetrable depth of it. What with that and Hearts of Iron as well as Europa Universalis taunting me too. Still not played. MUST!

I did acquire a massive 89 part “Let’s Play” of Hearts of Iron 2 off YouTube a couple of weeks back. I started downloading it figuring it was 20 or so part. HAHAHA! Took me 3 days to download it all.

In non-related gaming news I’ve left the communities I was part of where I chatted about games. No need to go in why. Just tired of the general meanness and hate going around. Almost dying last year changed my perspective for the better and I refuse to waste time on these people anymore.

On the Xbox 360 front, the big release this week is Marvel vs Capcom 3. Very excited. The previous title was mental as anything and the new one looks incredible. Also picked up Super Street Fighter IV the other week. Decided to save my aching thumb, which starts to fall off after 15 minutes play or so of such games, I am investing in a fight stick. I apparently ordered some things when I was still under sedation apparently. First thing I knew about this was when I received an email telling me it had shipped.

It’s like Christmas.

I am pleased to see the Beat ‘Em Up returning to prominence. I still remember when people said there was no way they could pull Street Fighter 2 off on the Amiga with a mere one button controller. Yet pull it off they did. I’ve been a fan of the genre ever since. Virtua Fighter, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat… Over the years I’ve played most of the big games. However I still have a soft spot for Street Fighter due it being where I lost my virginity in that genre. Though arguably I could say that International Karate + was truly the first. A game I still play now on my Gameboy Advance.

After many years of holding out I finally caved and bought a Sony PSP last week. I always chose $100 as the price that was acceptable and my local HMV had the Mod Nation Racers bundle for $100. I asked to look at it. Sitting behind was the Gran Turismo bundle. It was $50 more. I am a Gran Turismo whore since the second one. I adore the series. Being in the Xbox camp I am stuck with Forza Motorsport now, a frankly disappointing mess of a game. A half game if you will. Single player is pathetic, and to have good AI racing outside of the horrendously dull career mode you have too, somewhat ironically, go online and set up a private race.

Regardless, I adore Gran Turismo and wanted to get that pack. Then I stopped to think. The price difference is $50. I wonder what price Gran Turismo is? I checked and giggled like an idiot. $20. So Mod Nation Racer’s PSP bundle + Gran Turismo separately = $30 LESS than the GT bundle. SOLD!

That was last Thursday. I’ve yet to use the PSP. Not because I regret buying it etc… Quite the opposite. You see we’ve just started entering the first anniversary of when my illness started, which has been a fairly rough time for me so far, so I’m keeping the PSP back for now. A pleasant distraction. It sits there. All pretty and white. With Gran Turismo on it. Waiting to be played. It’s like every day is Christmas Eve.

Finally in gaming news, courtesy of the fine folk at FM View I won a copy of Football Manager 2011. I am a fan since WAY back, a subject I should write about one day. I had 2010 but due to illness barely touched it. 2011 I wouldn’t buy as I refuse to get into the yearly purchase schedule (except for Out of the Park Baseball). So I won it with the best reason for why I should get a copy.

My management career started with Tonga. A career I ended after three matches due to absolute disgust at the referee during a 4-1 friendly where I gave up three penalties and wanted to have the referee killed. I quit. 5 days later I got offered a job in Iceland where I can pronounce almost none of the team or player names. Friendlies were a bit of a disaster. First league game was an unmitigated disaster. Ah, it’s good to be back.

Decided I’m not bothering to promote this blog anymore. Due to physical issues updating regularly is hard. For example my hands are hurting like hell from typing. Arthritis? God knows. Still annoying though. So with no regular update schedule, if I don’t promote it like crazy I have no compulsion to update beyond when I want too. To return to the beginning subject it’s not like I report the news. These are just my random thoughts on gaming and to be honest I don’t care anymore if anyone reads it. If you’re reading this, thank you for gracing your eyes with my blathering. If you’re not reading this… You’ll never see this. So… Erm… Carry on.

Not even going back over what I’ve written. In my professional capacity I do of course check for such things but I wind up investing so much time in doing second, third drafts etc… It takes an entire day to do a post. I have no interest in maintaining that sort of routine for a blog that, let’s face it, probably has about 3 readers when I’m not posting about almost dying and isn’t financially rewarding in the slightest.

In short it’s a gaming diary for my own amusement. That’s how I’m going to treat it, and proof reading and doing second drafts of diary entries seems a bit mad.

I’ll be back at some point soon. Hoping to hit AI War today and start the tutorials. Problem is sleep deprivation. Will the AI kick my ass because the tutorial goes in one brain and out the other? Probably.

Happy gaming my friends.

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