Le Mans in a Ferrari

July 1, 2011

I am obsessed with racing. It’s with that in mind I’ve setup a full 24 hour race in GTR2. Always wanted to do this as it’s A) nuts, and B) something I’ll never get to do in reality.

I will be driving all 24 hours. Not all in one go of course. The rules of real sports car racing have long forbidden one driver doing a full 24 hours. I will save regularly for system stability reasons too. (Always had issues with gMotor engined sims). Plus I have a wife and kids to consider.

At time of writing I am one hour in. I’ve no idea how things will pan out. If the AI will go insane after a few hours. (Heard they sometimes do). The last time I tried this was a Spa 24 hour race I had to abandon due to the safety car being broken and not working correctly.

I will post updates on my progress. Since hourly updates would be a bit dull, I’ll wait until I’ve done a bit more. I will also detail what version, what mod etc…

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