Diablo 3 – “It’s not DRM!”

August 8, 2011

So last week it came out that Blizzard will be putting out Diablo III with the requirement that you be online ALL THE TIME! Because fuck people who live outside of broadband regions I guess. (Like my mother-in-law. Admittedly her interest in Diablo III will be non-existent, but other people live out there and can’t have always on Internet.)

So some top suit at Blizzard came out and said he was surprised at the fact that 99.9% of gamers are pissed off with this requirement. Everyone assumes it’s about DRM. However, he claims this never entered in  to the discussion about the decision. (I will not name him lest, like Candyman he appears behind me, only instead of killing me he’ll remove my rights to everything on my system.)

Internally I don’t think [DRM] ever actually came up when we talked about how we want connections to operate. Things that came up were always around the feature-set, the sanctity of the actual game systems like your characters. You’re guaranteeing that there are no hacks, no dupes. All of these things were points of discussion, but the whole copy protection, piracy thing, that’s not really entering into why we want to do it.

He them pulled his penis out, proceeded to urinate on the head of the interviewer and said “Oh look. It’s raining!!!!


(Note: For non-UK people: There is an old expression. “Don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining” when someone is lying to you.)

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