Movie366 – Week 1

January 4, 2012

So the plan is to watch 366 movies in 2012. No duplication. One for every day of the year. Sure I’ll miss days, but I’ll watch two the following day to catch up. By January 1st 2013, if all goes according to plan, I’ll have seen 366 different movies.

Jan 1st:

Rango – Great animated movie that really captured the western vibe brilliantly, with a stellar voice cast. Really good. 4/5

Jan 3rd
Star Trek First Contact – The best of the TNG films. Patrick Stewart, always great, gives his best Picard performance. Chills from his speech to Lily about falling back from the Borg. 4/5

Death to Smoochy – Dark comedy about a naive children’s tv host (Ed Norton). Waited ten years to see this. Didn’t disappoint. 4/5

Jan 4th

Contagion – A zombie movie without the zombies. The spread of a literal virus, as well as the figurative virus of fear, told from many different perspectives. Superb score. Bit of a lightweight movie though. Soderbergh has done better. 3/5

Jan 5th

Go – Doug Liman’s late 90’s classic with multiple viewpoints viewing the same night. Flat out brilliant with a soundtrack to match and a great cast including a pre-brainwashing Katie Holmes. 5/5

Jan 6th

UHF – Weird Al’s comedy opus. Awesome. Now spin the Wheel of Fish. 5/5

Jan 7th

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – The original Swedish version. Very good thriller. Curious to find out what David Fincher changed in his remake. Not sure I can be bothered seeing it though. 4/5

Movie count so far: 7

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