Movie366 – Week 2

January 10, 2012

So the plan is to watch 366 movies in 2012. No duplication. One for every day of the year. Sure I’ll miss days, but I’ll watch two the following day to catch up. By January 1st 2013, if all goes according to plan, I’ll have seen 366 different movies.

Jan 8th

Megamind – Mediocre CG. Tediously predictable with a mostly annoying cast. Jonah Hill needs to go away and never come back. 2/5

Jan 9th

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone – Had neither read the books nor seen the films. This was my first taste of Potter, though I knew a lot via cultural osmosis. Enjoyed it. Though Hogwarts should have “Doing the bare minimum to meet diversity requirements” as their slogan… 4/5

Jan 10th

Hard Boiled – Probably the most influential action movie ever made. John Woo’s magnificent ballet of violence, with a truly spectacular closing half hour involving a shoot out in a hospital and the best use of baby urine ever. 5/5

Jan 11th

The Mist – Based on a short story by Stephen King. Depressing though, seeing a great portrayal of how quickly society could fall apart. Read the original story 20+ years ago. Had to Google the original ending to see how it compares to the film. It’s different to the book. No spoilers here. I recommend having Prozac on hand. (Trivia: The shop clerk/bag boy is the actor who voices Dobby in the Harry Potter movies.) 4/5

Jan 12th

Confederate States of America – Ken Burns-like documentary about what happened when the south won the civil war. Fascinating alternate history with a disturbing epilogue that elevated it beyond mere fictional fluff. 3/5

Jan 14th

Dr. No – The first James Bond film. Given it was the start of the biggest franchise in film history, an iconic film. 50th anniversary of the franchise. Plan on watching all of them for this little project. 3/5

From Russia With Love – Second Bond film. Finding its feet as a franchise. Really fun movie with a great turn from Robert Shaw who, 12 years later, got eaten by a shark in another movie I plan to watch for Movie 366. 3/5

Total Movies Watched: 14 of 366

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