Movie 366 – Week 3

January 16, 2012

So the plan is to watch 366 movies in 2012. No duplication. One for every day of the year. Sure I’ll miss days, but I’ll watch two the following day to catch up. By January 1st 2013, if all goes according to plan, I’ll have seen 366 different movies.

Jan 15th

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Continuing the trawl through Potter. Not bad, but why is it not called Hermione Granger given she saves the day most often. Oh right, a heroine without giant breasts wouldn’t sell. Diversity in this one even worse than last time. Did not see a single minority in the entire film. Admittedly I was having a hard time staying awake it was so interminable. 2/5

Jan 16th

Moon – Sam Rockwell plays a man working alone on a moon base who starts to hallucinate near the end of his three year contract. To go into any more detail would spoil it. Best movie I’ve seen so far during Movie 366. 5/5

Jan 17th

The Girl Who Played with Fire – The second in the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. The sequel is set up nicely, but sadly the last 20 minutes or so deflates the movie a bit. While it’s still good, it’s not up to the standard of the prior 90 minutes or so. Very keen to see the third and final movie. 4/5

Jan 18th

Paranormal Activity – Great little horror film. Ending was shocking, but the alternate endings were better. Spielberg suggested the ending change. More proof Spielberg is a hack now. Shameless sequel pandering. Enjoyable though. 3/5

Jan 19th

TT3D: Closer to the Edge – Terrific documentary about the Isle of Man TT. Shamefully ignored by BAFTA whereas Senna wasn’t. 4/5

Jan 20th

Anonymous – AKA Lots of men with similar beards Does for Shakespeare what Dan Brown did for Da Vinci. Terrible, turgid tripe. Was so excited to see this. One of the biggest cinematic disappoints of my entire life. Utter waste of resources and the world is a poorer place for this film being in it. Shamefully poor considering the cast, often epic cinematography etc… 0/5

Jan 21st

Bring it On – Cheerleaders. Kirsten Dunst! Yay! Eliza Dushku! Meh! Formulaic but fun. Worth it for Sparky. 3/5

Total Movies Watched: 21 of 366

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