Movie 366 Changing

April 24, 2012

The problem, you see, is I am a gamer. First and foremost I love to play games. Especially race sims. I have, since February, become addicted to iRacing, an online racing service. I’ve made some friends. Had some good races. In short, it’s fun.

When not racing, I’m a massive fan of Paradox Interactive games and play the likes of Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron. Then there’s the Xbox. Trials Evolution being the latest addiction. Then there’s other games like Dwarf Fortress which is renowned for being the most complex game ever made.

Then of course I’m watching multiple TV series.

In short, I have very little room for movies. This was a fun project to start the year when I was biting my nails regarding my wife’s pregnancy. The funny thing is, I had the same thing with a prior pregnancy. Only the addiction THAT time was online poker. (Only playing for fun. Didn’t put any of my money into it.) Once again the instant the baby was born, the addiction went away.

Mercifully it will be the last baby, but if it wasn’t I would pay close attention to anything I got heavily into and realise it was fleeting.

Since I got into iRacing after the birth, clearly that one is going to stick.

Anyway, I am moving the movie stuff to a separate blog. I am changing the concept of the challenge. I do have one idea which I won’t share just yet, but it would work, and I wouldn’t give myself time constraints as that puts you on a hiding to nothing.

Stay tuned.

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