A note to all purchasers of Diablo 3…

May 19, 2012

Did you know about the always online component? The fact that for a SINGLE PLAYER GAME you have to be connected to the Internet at all times? The fact that if a server goes down, you’ll lose all your progress since the last checkpoint, which are few and far between? Did you know this BEFORE you bought the game? Are you angry about the DRM? (Which let’s face it, despite what the Blizzard PR assholes said, it was all about.) Did you still go ahead and buy the game?

THEN YOU’RE A FUCKING MORON! Assholes like you are why PC gaming is increasingly ruined with DRM. Publishers know they can do it because despite all the whining, you’ll still buy their titles. Remember when games started coming with limited activations? You waved your fists and swore bloody murder, yet when a title you were interested in was released you stood there like Oliver saying “Please sir, may I have some more?” as they bent you over and reamed you. Took a little more of your rights away. The publishers know they can do this. They know you’re spineless and that for every 1000 people who claim they won’t buy a title, 999 of them will still buy it.

You can’t blame the pirates for any of this. YOU are to blame. YOU are the reason publishers will continue to do this, because you’re too much of a spineless asshole to take a stand and deny yourself something you wanted. No, gotta have Diablo 3… Why? Because IT’S NEW AND SHINY! You’re like fucking Magpies.

I didn’t get to play Diablo 2 when it came out. My system wasn’t good enough. When Diablo 3 was first touted I was really excited. I’d finally get a Diablo game ON RELEASE DAY. Then Blizzard announced that it would require you to always be online. Now my Internet connection is stable. There are many other issues that can screw you over however. If your router reboots while playing, goodbye progress, back to the last checkpoint you go. So many “What if’s?” And that’s just your end. As was evidenced on release day, and any gamer with an IQ in double figures should have known it was coming, Blizzard’s servers went down. They would not invest in enough servers for release day when, after the initial demand, usage will drop. No, far better to save some money and fuck the gullible sheep who bought the game. However, due to being tied to Battlenet, the outage took down World of Warcraft too! Just let that sink in for a second… The always online crippleware in Diablo 3 took down the worlds biggest MMORPG simply by virtue of being tied to the same service.

This was all predictable

You all saw this coming. You all knew, unless you never frequent any sort of gaming website, that Diablo 3 came with this component and the many flaws that would be involved in it. A component that meant you were beholden to Blizzard being able to keep servers up so you could play your SINGLE PLAYER GAME.

I’ve seen you piss and moan on message boards and forums and anywhere you can leave your asinine rhetoric about how upset you are, how horrible it is that a single player game has been saddled with the requirement to be always online, yet you STILL GAVE BLIZZARD YOUR MONEY WITH FULL ADVANCE KNOWLEDGE THAT THIS WAS THE CASE, that you’d be relying on a server you had no control over and which adds nothing at all to the single player experience.

Blizzard told you this was in the game months ago. You had plenty of time to think “No, this is unacceptable.” You berate Ubisoft for requiring you to be online. You complain about DRM on the PC and the increasingly harsh experience that PC gamers have to deal with just to play games. Yet as soon as Blizzard offered you a game whose single player was broken by design, with malice aforethought, you danced for them like the whores that you are.

Piracy isn’t ruining PC gaming. You are.

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