Cannon Fodder Revisited – Part 3

October 21, 2012

Things will get silly if I link to every part at the start, so if you’re new, check the tags, and start with the intro.

So in part two things went wrong quite a bit. Lost my entire squad. How was I to know the bridge was going to blow? I reloaded my save. I’ve decided I am not doing that in future. From now I will play the game as the developer intended.

The reason the next part has been so delayed is the way I’m doing this is a pain. For technical reasons I won’t bore you with, saving the game is slow and unstable. I’m basically playing a bit, swapping back to the window to write it up, back to the game etc… In short to get about five minutes into the game takes about an hour of actual time to write stuff, edit screenshots etc… So I’m trying to figure out how to up my productivity.

I DID debate getting back to where I was in another version of the game so I could avoid said technical issues, but sadly given I HAD lost a squad member, it would be hard to get to that point in the exact same circumstance, so I’m stuck with the rod I made for my back. Lesson learned for a future Let’s Play…

So we’re on Mission 4, stage 3 now. Village People! We made it through the pier level. Just didn’t stand on them this time.

As you can see we have Jops, Stoo, RJ, Ubik and CJ in the squad. As you wander round this level, a nasty new element is introduced. Holes. In the ground. That enemies come out of. If you don’t know this is coming it can be very dangerous as your squad will get sneak attacked and you’ll die. Fortunately I remembered and lobbed a grenade or three down said hole to neutralize it. My colourblindness is causing me issues here as the troops blend in to the scenery more than they would for a normal person, so the difficulty bar is raised for me as often I can’t see the enemy until it’s far too late.


So far so good. Explodey thing chucked down that hole means no more baddun’s spewing forth from it. Hurrah! We slowly work out way down the map until we find a group of four huts. A grenade is lobbed. Disaster! The ensuing explosion kills two of the men. NO! Worse is yet to come while, in the confusion, TWO MORE DIE! In mere seconds we’ve gone from the above, to this.

We’ve lost all but CJ in the fire fight! A lone wolf against the odds. Further into the level something happens. I’m not entirely sure what, but there’s a big explosion and CJ is no more. My entire squad is dead. Shazbot! It’s hard to be upset. As the saying goes, “The death of one is a tragedy. The death of millions just a statistic”. Losing the entire squad is a hit, but unlike when we lost Jools, even though I lost Jops, my leader, this time, he’s not the first, and he won’t be the last to die.

The level reloads, with a bunch of newbies ready to die for the cause. Chris, Pete, Tadger, Hector and Elroy. All newbies. All green as a nine day old egg sandwich. I decide to change strategy here. I’m going to split the squad, and take two off on their own. Then if they die horribly I’ll take another two, and if they die, one to lone wolf the rest of it. We’ll see how it goes. First up, Chris and Pete get to go on an adventure together. Almost immediately Pete dies on a bloody grenade. This is going well…

Until next time…




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