For a third year running… IT’S BACK!

November 5, 2016

Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years! Three now! Yes my darlings I’m BACK for a third year reviewing Christmas movies! We’ve got some new theatrical entries this year (2015’s “Krampus” for example) but mostly, as always, it’s up to Lifetime and Hallmark to provide. As a bonus this year I’ve actually subscribed to Lifetime! Direct to the source rather than waiting for second hand airings on other networks. Sadly Hallmark TV isn’t a thing here…

Already got 19 movies on my DVR and a pile on DVD so pretty soon it’s game on!

See you soon my friends! (I already cracked and watched Harold and Kumar…)

2016’s Reviews

  1. Krampus
  2. Angels in the Snow
  3. Trading Christmas
  4. The Christmas Switch
  5. Christmas Under Wraps
  6.  A Perfect Christmas
  7. The Flight Before Christmas
  8. Hats off to Christmas
  9. A Perfect Christmas List
  10. A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas (Extended Cut)
  11. Jingle Bell Rocks
  12. The Night Before
  13. Every Christmas Has A Story
  14. The Mistletoe Promise
  15. Becoming Santa
  16. A Christmas Truce
  17. Christmas Every Day
  18. Merry In-Laws
  19. Christmas List
  20. Love Actually
  21. Tree Man
  22. Broadcasting Christmas
  23. Best Christmas Party Ever
  24. The Town Christmas Forgot
  25. The Night Before the Night Before Christmas
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