Christmas Movie Explosion (CME) – Movie #1 – Krampus

November 10, 2016

So here we go. Starting early as I want to beat the prior record of movies viewed. Aiming for 100 movies by Christmas. That will require the viewing of, I believe, 52 movies this year. Almost twice what I endured last year!

I started a few days early but have the post set to go live on November 10th. Going to do a separate post per movie this time so it doesn’t wind up kramped. (A little joke there…) Plus I can send links to individual movies.

The rules for the reviews, copy and pasted from last year.

Like last year (2016 note: This refers to 2014) ALL movies are rated as CHRISTMAS MOVIES. Emphasis on the Christmas. A high dose of Christmas lights, Christmas spirit and all things Christmassy are required. Of course it has to be an actual good movie. Good script etc… My wife thinks I don’t make this clear enough. I think I make it perfectly clear… For example last years’s Christmas Bounty was both a bad movie overall, AND a terrible Christmas movie due to lack of Christmas themes etc… Claiming it’s Christmas isn’t good enough. It better be represented on screen and ooze in every shot! Good enough explanation? Good, let’s move on…

Movie #1 –  Krampus – I Love Adam Scott. He was great as Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation. He was great in Party Down. In this he plays a busy working father, married to Toni Collette, who have a son who wishes Christmas could be what it used to be. Cue extended family arriving. After extended family make fun of the son for believing in Santa, he tears the letter he wrote to big red guy up and in frustration throws it away, summoning something far worse than a jolly fat man. (And I’m not talking Kevin James!)

I freakin’ LOVED this movie. It’s so rare to see a movie take a dark premise and commit fully to it anymore. This does. It’s very much in the spirit of Gremlins and I really enjoyed it. Good start to the Christmas viewing. Chose this to start as it was close to Halloween.

I’m going to be weird and rate movies out of Jingle Bells this year. This gets

out of 5 Jingle Bells.


2016 Christmas Movie Reviews List



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