CME – Movie #2 – Angels in the Snow

November 10, 2016

Here we go with the first PROPER Christmas movie of this years endurance test which I’ve named Christmas Movie Explosion! So called because that’s probably what’s going to happen to my brain by the end of it.

So, Angels in the Snow. Gorgeous opening snowy shots. Let down by first cabin shot as snow everywhere… But not on trees outside the lot. Just shoot these movies in winter please! Later shots clearly done on set with background added later. I realize it’s budget constraints and all that, but it irks me.

Bickering family drive to spend Christmas in a lovely cabin in the woods. Mom and Dad are of course at loggerheads because that’s how these movies roll. Early, accurate prediction of prior family tragedy by wife and I. The prior  tragedy may be very triggering for some people.

After the first night there’s a knock at the door. A family has crashed their van and hiked to the cabin after seeing lights there. Staggeringly they’re BLACK! I mention this because so many Christmas movies are utterly whitewashed and at best a black woman will play the sassy friend! In fact it’s so rare, go read last years list, and check number 8 where I say, and I quote, “There is an African American briefly in this movie!” (spoiler: It was Don Faison from Scrubs.) It’s such a ridiculous rarity.

I said to my wife “I like the little girl. I hope she lives.” Got a much bigger laugh than I expected!

Wife called a major plot twist about 30 minutes in and dammit, she was right. Though it does become increasingly obvious, despite claims in other reviews that it’s just crammed in at the last minute. In fact, it’s a little too obvious if you’re paying attention.

Family 2 saves family 1’s Christmas. Huzzah!

After viewing and writing this I went to the IMDB to read some reviews and all I can say is… Some people are clearly morons… This was a lovely little film, and in this three year opus where so far I’ve watched close to 50 movies (and am HOPING to hit 100 by this Christmas because I’m a crazy person. Pity my wife. She watches them all as well!) I’ve seen far, far worse than this.

4 out of 5 Jingle Bells. Would be 3 but the little girl is just utterly adorable and a delight when she is on screen.  She also narrates.


2016 Christmas Movie Reviews List


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