CME – Movie #3 -Trading Christmas

November 11, 2016

Today Leonard Cohen died. I liked him and this makes me sad in a year we’ve already lost Bowie and Prince. So I wanted something light and not involving dead people.

Hey, what’s this… A movie with JD‘s brother! YES! In this he swaps homes with Faith Ford… Romance and shenanigans undoubtedly ensue. This sounds perfect!

Two minutes in… THERE’S A BLOODY DEAD HUSBAND! WHAT IS IT with death and Christmas movies? I watch these movies to escape to a Christmas wonderland, not to be reminded that WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!

Anyhow Faith Ford has a daughter at college in Boston. Said daughter wants to spend Christmas on her own (though secretly is spending it with her boyfriend), mom is sad but lets her go. Daughter goes to Phoenix. Mom decides to surprise daughter in Boston. Conversely Tom Cavanagh (the aforementioned brother of JD from Scrubs)plays a writer who needs peace to finish his book so arranges a house swap with Faith Ford.

This is a nicely shot little film. Nothing cheap or egregious with it. The winter shots with snow were clearly shot with ACTUAL snow. I’m a bit of a film nerd and particularly enjoyed the split screen shots being used to spice up phone conversations. Note in particular one where the female leads are talking on the phone and there’s a mug in the center of the shot and the characters interactions with it. Little things like that warm my cold, cold heart.

Trivia nerd time: It’s a Wonderful Life is shown, in widescreen on a TV. That film predates widescreen as movies only went widescreen to compete against the 4:3 aspect ratio of television to make movies more of a spectacle. (I’m working on the theory that there isn’t a version out there that has been CROPPED to fit widescreen, thus ruining Capra’s framing and the entire look and design of the movie. Bad enough somebody colorized it.)

“What’s wrong with him?” “Oh he’s a writer.” That line slayed me.

Really cute movie, though the Cavanagh storyline is by far the funnier and more enjoyable. He’s opposite the lovely Gabrielle Miller, best known for her role in one of Canada’s best TV comedies, Corner Gas who is just… I could watch her all day. She’s just lovely.

Only minor complaint regarding the script is the storyline involving Faith Ford’s daughter. It’s largely superfluous for the majority of the film and could have been handled better.

In conclusion, first may I congratulate this movie on not having the “evil someone spoils the relationship” trope that poisons so many fun Christmas movies. Sadly however this movie presents me with a dilemma. Christmas is mentioned. A LOT. However until near the end there’s very little indication visually of it being Christmas.

If they had just upped the Christmas visuals it’d be an easy five. However I give it…

4 out of 5 Jingle Bells.


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