CME – Movie #5 – Christmas Under Wraps

November 12, 2016

I have zero standards this year. I am recording EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS MOVIE on my TV. Though I was drawn to this one as the plot started “After unexpectedly moving to Alaska…”

So far death has been part of the first four movies I’ve watched. This is getting annoying.

ESTABLISHING AERIAL SHOT! But not of Manhattan! No, San Francisco. Nice shot of Alcatraz. I wish I was there. Right now. In a cell. Not watching Christmas movies. HAHA! Candace Cameron Bure (Kirk Cameron’s slightly saner sister) plays a surgeon who gets dumped. AH! So THAT’S how she wound up in Alaska… Hang on… No, that doesn’t explain anything!

I’ll give away no more, but the town she moves to has a secret… A dark secret? I hope so! I’m guessing vampires!

FINALLY! A movie with no death, and ACTUAL CHRISTMAS! Movies oozes Christmas. The plot is obvious but it’s still lovely. I want to live in a small town like Garland.

As with most Christmas movies, the ending is obvious. You watch for the journey. This was an enjoyable journey. Best so far.

5 out of 5 Jingle Bells


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