CME – Movie #6 – A Perfect Christmas

November 13, 2016

Opening shot is a HUGE lit up tree. Lovely!

Dead relatives everywhere! GAH!

Frankly I’m not even sure what the plot description was… Lawyer husband gets fired as wife finds out she’s pregnant right before Christmas. Neither tells the other the news. Family arrives etc…

One thing of note: The Christmas Tree in the family house is the worst decorated I’ve EVER seen. 20 lights on a 12 foot tree. That’s it. (Though it fills out later.)

Lots of Christmas in this movie but very little in the way of plot. Movie picked up in the final third but they’re making a big assumption that anyone is still awake at that point. If you DO manage to stay awake however, you’re rewarded with a fun final 20 or so minutes.

“One Year Later” may be the trope of the year.

out of Jingle Bells


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