CME – Movie #8 – Hats off to Christmas

November 15, 2016

A store devoted to Christmas hats. That seems awfully niche!

Haylie Duff stars in this. Mostly know her from her cooking show. Though we did watch her last year in a Christmas film and she was quite good.

Husband missing presumed dead. Hinting indicates Haylie’s kid has health issues.

I’m having a hard time getting past the fact we have a year round Christmas store. And why would a tiny little non chain store have an ENORMOUS WAREHOUSE OF INVENTORY?!?! And the movie says they all live in a small town. HOW IS THIS FINANCIALLY VIABLE?!?!

Anyway the owners son comes in to help with business. BIG REVEAL! Haylie’s kid is in a wheelchair. CALLED IT! So disabled child. Husband confirmed as dead.

I has a jolly! *sob*

Not sure what the son was actually bought in for as he spends his time at the shop alternating between being charming and a total jerk. Annoyed by the fact that Nick (the guy) goes to Haylie’s house to help her kid with a pumpkin. (Yes, it’s a Christmas movie partly set in October… I’m hearing no Jingle Bells at the end of this…) Nick starts pushing the kids wheelchair without asking if that’s okay. I’ve known a few people stuck in wheelchairs, whether temporarily (been there myself) or permanently, and they get mad if you push without asking if it’s okay.

I did not enjoy this movie at all. Cliched. Dull. Barely Christmassy DESPITE INVOLVING A BLOODY CHRISTMAS HAT SHOP WHICH SHOULD NOT BE FINANCIALLY VIABLE! And has the worlds most predictable ending. Not just the usual romantic ending, but the… I can’t say anything without “spoiling” it (like 3 year old yogurt would “spoil”) And it has the tedious “something happens to break the couple up”… Just hateful.

This was a terrible story, turned into a terrible screenplay, which in turn became a terrible, terrible movie. In fact to be brutally honest and serious for a second, garbage like this makes me want to quit doing this. Not just this year, but forever. This is offensively bad.

May Krampus come for all involved.

0 out of 5 Jingle Bells


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