CME – Movie #9 – A Perfect Christmas List

November 17, 2016

Badly sprained a finger chasing one of my kids so had to skip yesterday. It’s still very bad today but I’m going to keep going if I can. I AM IN PAIN!

This was a movie that simply popped up on my DVR as “Movie”. Since it was at the time when they show Christmas movies, I figure WHY NOT! And recorded it.

It turned out to be A Perfect Christmas List. Hoping to get my mojo back after the last atrocity. With no actual TV listing I’ve NO IDEA AT ALL what the plot is. HOLD ME! I’M SCARED!

WOW! It’s Al from Home Improvement!!! And Mrs Cunningham from Happy Days! And… Her! From that thing!

Marion Ross plays a grandmother who fell down, went boom. She’s laid up for Christmas. While talking about leaving her condo and moving somewhere without stairs, busy body mother overhears part of the discussion. Of course it’s a “get the wrong end of the stick” sort of movie it seems, so instead of “time to go” from her Condo all she gets is “time to go” from this life. Yes, she’s convinced grandma has a week left to live. HILARITY ENSUES!

Grandma has a list. A Perfect Christmas List. Things she wants to do for a perfect Christmas. So family decides to make them all come true because they think it’s her bucket list.

This was great. Only thing missing was a wintery environment, but I guess the reality is a lot of people DON’T get a white Christmas.

So much Christmas Spirit in this movie. If you don’t feel full of it by the end, you may want to check for a pulse.

5 out of 5 Jingle Bells


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