CME – Movie #10 – A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas (Extended Cut)

November 18, 2016

Okay so I’ve reviewed this both previous years I believe… And I actually HAVE seen the theatrical cut in 3D now. Felt like reviewing that by itself was a bit silly.

(Brief review of 3D version: The expected pandering is really fun, but there’s also some subtle stuff I wouldn’t have expected. The eggs being thrown, and the tree going out the window are highlights though.)

So, this is the extended cut that I’ve been wanting to see for a while. It adds around seven minutes of content. Does this content add to an already great movie, or was it excised for good reason? I will be spoiling the extended additions here, and with good reason…

That being that, sorry to say, for the most part, the movie benefits from having these additions removed. A lot of it is little clips trimmed here and there, lines clipped. Clearly edits made to get the theatrical running time down below 90 minutes. To be honest the movie is tighter and better for these changes.

Adrian’s role is expanded, but is only actually funny at one point. That being when Kumar points out that Adrian loves Christmas despite being Jewish. There’s a totally stupid bit when his character is first introduced that has him renting out Kumar’s bathroom to homeless people. Now I’m not against scatalogical humor, but this was just… Dumb. Makes Adrian look like a jerk. Well, more a jerk. In fact a lot of the additions involving his character are just… pointless.

The great Tom Lennon gets a bit more screen time when, after picking Harold up from work, they visit White Castle. (Yes, a large piece of gratuitous product placement was CUT from the film!)

The story behind why Mr Perez hates Koreans is also expanded, and has a great visual addition I will NOT spoil but this should have been left in. (John Cho suffered for nothing!) However its removal doesn’t really detract.

Which brings us to the ABSOLUTE WORST CHANGE IN THE ENTIRE FILM! Quite possibly in the entire cinematic history of Hollywood. A change which made me sad. It’s hard to approach this without spoiling the theatrical cut and one of the best parts of the movie so I’ll choose my words carefully…. Those who have seen the theatrical cut will be shocked to know…

THE ENTIRE MUSICAL NUMBER IS MISSING! No, I am not kidding, the song is GONE. Yes, one of the most memorable parts of the theatrical cut is completely different in this version, and grossly inferior. Oh the scenes are still there; in extended form. Instead of the very funny song there’s Harold and Kumar exchanging barbs with each other.

It’s a baffling change that I just don’t get. The sequence still ends in the same spot but… What was one of the funniest parts of the movie is just gone. Staggeringly bad editorial decision.

Of all the additions, the only one that should have been left in the theatrical cut is the early White Castle scene as it adds some depth to Todd and Harold’s relationship. The director of NPH’s Christmas Extravaganza has more lines, and I wish it had been left in simply because of how he says Des Moines.

Overall this extended cut is a disappointment. I’ve been wanting to see this since I learned of its existence a few years ago. I mean I wasn’t expecting a LOT from a mere 7 minutes or so but this cut has no real reason to exist. The stuff removed was all removed for good reason and adds very little over the theatrical cut.

So basically watch the original as the extended isn’t worth the bother.

This is my absolute favourite Christmas movie (tied with Christmas Vacation) and the additional 7 minutes do nothing to enhance the movie, bar the aforementioned White Castle addition.

4 out of 5 Jingle Bells. Okay so it should be 5 but I was disappointed so I’m knocking a bell off and sticking with the superior theatrical version which gets 5 out of 5.


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