CME – Movie #11 – Jingle Bell Rocks

November 21, 2016

I do like a good Christmas documentary. Sadly they’re a fairly rare genre. Heard about this documentary and tracked it down. Was hoping I could find it on my VOD services like Netflix, my cable provider etc… Wound up having to buy the DVD.

It was well worth the $15. This is a documentary about people obsessed with Christmas music. I don’t mean Rudolph and Frosty or the usual standards. I mean unusual and obscure Christmas music.

It’s a terrific documentary. There is a great part documenting the creation of one of my favourite Christmas songs, Run DMC‘s Christmas in Hollis. There’s also an interview with the always great John Waters.

I cannot recommend this enough. It’s so Christmassy, it’s full of interesting, quirky people.  It’ll make you want to listen to Christmas music! I plan to take the soundtrack list and try and find them all on Spotify. At the very least I’ve found Back Door Santa, the original track Run DMC sampled for the aforementioned Christmas in Hollis, and added it to my Christmas playlist.

The irony is since watching it, my Christmas playlist full of traditional Christmas songs has felt lacklustre… That’s what happens when you see a movie about rare Christmas music.

5 out of 5 Jingle Bells

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