CME – Movie #14 – The Mistletoe Promise

November 22, 2016

Two people who dislike Christmas decide to pose as a couple to make Christmas easier to deal with. I fear shenanigans may ensue!!!

Nice Christmassy opening music and titles. Lovely. Also a genuine laugh in the opening two minutes. Promising!

You know how this movie is going to end. It’s the journey there. The couple set up a legal agreement for how their pretend relationship will go over Christmas and call it The Mistletoe Promise. (When she complains she doesn’t like The Mistletoe Contract.)

“Winning Stuff” made me laugh.

The fake snow on the exterior shots is so obviously foam… Rather disappointing. I mean giant LUMPS of foam and as they land on the actors they look quite silly. In later scenes I’d say to the wife “Hey look! It’s foaming again!”

This is a cute movie. The leads are charming. The premise is cute. You know how it’s going to be at the end, but it’s still great.

4 out of 5 Jingle Bells

2016 Christmas Movie Reviews List

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