CME – Movie #15 -Becoming Santa

November 23, 2016

While I’ve had zero standards and have, quite literally, recorded every single Christmas movie on my cable guide, I did record this for a reason. It has the mom and dad from Family Ties in it!

In this a man, Connor, is shocked to learn that the parents of his girlfriend, Holly, are Santa and Mrs Claus.

I’ve noticed in a couple of these movies now some social commentary about how children spend all their time looking at screens. Connor works in toys and can’t get the kids interested in anything without an app.

Holly invites Connor to her parents’ place. Connor is an ENORMOUS idiot who fails to realise, duh, it’s SANTA AND MRS CLAUS!

Terrible visual effects. When Connor and Holly sit on the roof of Santa’s house, the snow is so clearly cotton…

The penny finally drops for Connor after being sent to the toy workshop. On the plus side the actor playing him plays dumb REALLY well.

Sadly the movie disappears up itself. There’s a fun twist, but sadly it’s ruined by the “some idiot turns up to ruin everything” cliche. And he’s entirely hateful and you wish he was dead. Many, many times.

It’s a huge shame as it starts out very promising. The leads are charming. The parents… I mean they’re the FAMILY TIES PARENTS!

Sadly it’s all for nothing and the movie starts to drag like you wouldn’t believe. Just an endurance test. It perks up for the final ten minutes, but that’s not enough to save it.

What few interstitial shots there are are very pretty.

out of 5 Jingle Bells.


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