CME – Movie #18 – Merry In-Laws

November 28, 2016

Hey! This has Shelley Long and George Wendt in it. CHEERS REUNION!

Nice gender flip with the lead couple. He’s a school teacher, she’s a scientist.

-2 Modifier… Girls parents are jerks, Dad tells YOUNG GRANDSON there’s no Santa Claus. BOOOOOO!

Movie takes an interesting turn. Father has been investing the new boyfriend but can find nothing on him. Girl says “All I know is his parents run a toy business up in Alaska or something…”

I SMELL PLOT TWIST! Shelly and George will be Santa and Mrs Claus, right??

More “There’s no Santa Claus” talk!! GRR! Skirting close to a game misconduct and a -3!

AND YET MORE! -3 modifier!!!! I feel bad for the young kids in these movies.

So he’s Santa’s kid. And he’s getting married. But his girl doesn’t know the family secret.

Oh dear god I am so bored…


I had a rough day and kept falling asleep! My wife liked it. I thought it was trash. Giving it a point back because of my wife.

2 out of 5 Jingle Bells.


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