CME – Movie #19 – Christmas List

November 30, 2016

My beloved Alicia Witt is in this. You see a lot of the same actors in Christmas movies. I’m enamored with two of them. One is Lindy Booth. (Currently in the TV show “The Librarians”) and the other is Alicia Witt. I remember what I think was her first on screen appearance. That was Twin Peaks!

Anyway, this is a NEW Witt Christmas movie. Can’t wait!

Isobel had an overbearing mother at Christmas who wouldn’t let her do anything. Fast forward 25 years and Isobel is spending the holiday in the “perfect Christmas town” of Fall River, and has a list of things to do to make the perfect Christmas.

Alicia is adorable as always. Her male lead is Gabriel Hogan who was in “Christmas at Cartwrights” with her which we’ve watched before. They don’t exactly set the screen aflame but they’re cute nonetheless.

This is by far the most Christmassy movie so far. I love Alicia as I said, and while it’s predictable it’s just SO lovely… Christmas oozes from every frame, and did I mention how lovely Alicia is?

5 out of 5 Jingle Bells



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