CME – Movie #20 – Love Actually

December 4, 2016

I see this movie hyped every year. I get told every year “You have to watch this movie!” And even “It’s the greatest Christmas movie ever made!” (Which if true means the late, great Alan Rickman (screw you 2016) is in two of the greatest. The other being, of course, Die Hard.)

So this year I decided to finally watch this apparent modern classic. Within the first few minutes I’m staggered by the stars in it. Basically anyone who was anyone in 2003 is in this film! What a cast! I love most of them as well!

The film definitely requires attention given the sheer number of storylines going on. I told the wife “You can’t read Facebook while watching this!” It is also an R rated movie, for good reason. Definitely not appropriate for the kids, or anyone who has problems with sexual content in movies.

I’m a hopeless romantic so it’s surprising it took me this long to get around to watching this. I get the impression Richard Curtis thought “So if people love the ending of romantic movies with one couple, lets make one with LOADS!”

The intertwining story is fun to keep up with.  The twists and turns are fun. And Hugh Grant dancing was one of the greatest cinematic moments in film history.

However the twinge of sadness two fold. One is the amazing Alan Rickman who as I sit and type this I’m getting misty eyed. 2016 was the year England lost one of it’s finest singers (Bowie) and finest actors (Rickman). Just a brutally sad year. It’s slightly disappointing that Rickman will be mostly remembered for his role in the Harry Potter series, when he was so much more than that. This won’t be the only time I’m sad this Christmas. I plan to watch and write up Die Hard, and will raise a glass to one of his earliest, yet greatest creations, Hans Gruber.

Secondly is seeing Liam Neeson playing a widower, knowing he himself lost his wife a few years later under tragic circumstances.

Twinges of sadness aside this movie lived up to the hype. I love how not all the relationships wound up with a happy ending, just like real life.

Wish I had saved this for the last movie of this years insanity as it would have been a perfect ending.

5 out of Jingle Bells

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