CME – Movie #21 – Tree Man

December 5, 2016

I can’t take another potentially tedious cliche filled romp tonight, so tonight something a little different. Our second documentary of the season.

It’s on Netflix in Canada so hopefully in other regions too. It’s a documentary about folk who travel to sell Christmas trees in New York every year. “There’s no Christmas without a tree!” some say. These are the guys and gals who sell the trees to the denizens of the Big Apple who want a real tree.

Unlike the individual mentioned in the very opening, the first Tree Man we meet, from Quebec… He goes to New York .. Without trees. You’re left wondering “Where are his trees?” Well it seems he gets them from North Carolina… At this point I’m wondering why he bothers?

That aside this is a great documentary about a Christmas subculture of New York that I never knew existed. Did YOU know that Christmas tree vendors on the streets of New York are traditionally from Quebec or Vermont? I did not know this!

This documentary runs about 80 minutes and is an absolutely wonderful slice of New York Christmas life. HIGHLY recommended.

out of 5 Jingle Bells

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