CME – Movie #25 – The Night Before the Night Before Christmas

December 10, 2016

No that’s not a typo… And WE’VE DONE IT! BEATEN LAST YEARS RECORD. Last year we submitted and tapped out at 24… Here is the 25th movie of this season, and the train rolls on!

Official plot: “A family must save Christmas when Santa lands on their roof and loses his magic bundle.” Magic bundle?!?!

This stars Jennifer Beals (What a feeling!) and Rick Roberts who, by sheer coincidence was also the Dad in Movie #24.

Movie starts with Santa departing the North Pole. Festive! Shortly thereafter he crashes in Milwaukee and is rescued by a family who of course don’t believe he’s Santa except the youngest kid. The parents of said family are the usual business crazy types who pay their kids little attention so along the way they can learn what Christmas is supposed to be all about.

I LOVED this movie. From start to finish it’s about SANTA! There’s a few funny gags and it’s just generally a warm, Christmas hug.

Perfect Christmas Eve viewing.

5 out of 5 Jingle Bells




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