CME – Movie #25 – Love The Coopers

December 12, 2016

High hopes for this. All star cast. Cinematic release. It can’t be bad, right?

John Goodman and Diane Keaton star as the second generation of four, all of whom come together for Christmas Eve dinner.

Keaton and Goodman are slightly mismatched. I love both but I never really bought them as a married couple. This aside they are excellent, as is everyone else in this this film.

Terrific to see Alan Arkin in something. Not seen him in anything for a long time.

The premise of the movie is we see the disparate elements of this extended family on Christmas Eve as they all head to this yearly family event. I won’t spoil any of the storylines but they’re all fun and interesting.

Special note, as a fanboy, must be made for Anthony Mackie. I’ve seen him in several things this year and man alive I LOVE that guy. Such a terrific actor. And the second Christmas movie I’ve seen him in this year. (The other being “The Night Before”.)

This a really good film.

5 out of Jingle Bells

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