CME – Movie #27 – Get Santa

December 13, 2016

That rare thing… A BRITISH Christmas movie. Jim Broadbent as Santa! YES! I love Broadbent to bits so I’m really looking forward to this.

Usually during these movies I make notes, pause if I have something to write down…

This is the first I’ve not done that with. Hooked for the entire thing. Absolutely brilliant film. Best I’ve seen so far this CME I think.

Santa crashes while testing his new sleigh over London. Rafe Spall plays Steve, an ex-con. When Santa is arrested trying to rescue his missing reindeer, it’s left to Steve and his estranged son Tom to save Christmas.

I will definitely be watching this again before the big day. Great story, great cast, uproariously funny in spots… Rafe is brilliant as Steve and Broadbent… Well when has he ever played a bad role?

Also of note: Executive Producer, well one of them, is Ridley Scott.


5 out of 5 Jingle Bells… And 12 Candy Canes!

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