CME – Movie #28 – The Christmas Gift

December 14, 2016

Michelle Trachtenberg is a writer who decides to track down the secret santa that sent her the gift that made her decide to be a writer when she was a kid.

First thing you notice is HOLY CRAP! THIS MOVIE IS OVERFLOWING WITH AFRICAN AMERICAN ACTORS! These movies are usually so whitewashed it’s a miracle if you see one person who isn’t white. Here we are with some ACTUAL DIVERSITY!

I’m going to give it an extra Jingle Bell just for this!

The movie also deals with gentrification, which is also not a common topic.

Sadly it’s barely a Christmas movie. It’s sunny. There’s decorations everywhere but nothing about Christmas except kids making Christmas cards…

Kudos for having the audacity to have an inter racial couple I guess. Just a shame it wasn’t more Christmassy.

Worse still it falls into TOTAL cliche at the end. I am not being hyperbolic here. This actually caused me physical pain to have to sit and watch. Awful, terrible cliche that just kills the movie stone dead. To the point I basically quit watching. I am SO DAMN SICK of this lazy, cheap writing in these movies. There is absolutely NO excuse for this garbage. A long time ago during the Hollywood writers strike, I wrote a piece about the shamefully poor, lazy, formulaic writing for a particular sitcom on the air at the time, and how in a fair world their lazy, cliche spewing writers would never ever work again.

This year we’ve seen some great Christmas movies that avoided ALL the cliche. It IS possible. Sadly this is the laziest of the lazy. This absolutely stinks when the movie had more than the token African American. They could have done that AND not written cliched drivel… But no. They totally took the lazy, cheap route and frankly any writer that takes this route when writing deserves nothing but your disdain.

I’ve come to the point where I AM GOING TO WRITE A CHRISTMAS MOVIE! I’m so sick of crappy cliched nonsense. I DEMAND A BETTER CHRISTMAS MOVIE! I’ve watched 70 of these things in three years now. I know the subject. I am MORE than aware of the cliches. No, really, I am going to write a Christmas movie. I’m going to write a movie and I’m going to pitch it to Hallmark or Lifetime. I can write better than this cliched mess in my sleep. (Note: I already have one completed screenplay.)

Shamefully lazy film. Unworthy of the wear on my remote or my thumb to skip the commercials in it.

1 out of Jingle Bells (and remember, I gave it an extra for not being white washed).

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