Nice snowy opening shots! Noticing it’s TV-PG. I have a theory that movies that do play the “Santa isn’t real” card are flagged as TV-PG and those that don’t get TV-G. My theory is only in the test phase.

A family traveling for Christmas vacation winds up in the middle of Nowhere. Yes, Nowhere is a town. Dying since the coal ran out.

This is a great little film. There’s no magic. There’s no cliche. The leads are rich folk who happen upon the small town that’s destitute. They decide to help. It’s the Christmas Spirit in cinematic form.

Surprisingly enjoyable.

4 out of 5 Jingle Bells




Establishing aerial shot of Manhattan. BINGO!

Linda Thorson! I feel Avenged!

You’ve seen this before, a hundred times.

1 out of 5 Jingle Bells.

So we had a power outage. Earlier this year a prior outage killed my wife’s computer. So we hurriedly unplugged all our devices. Power came back almost 3 hours later. I go to turn my computer on… Long story short, it’s fried. *sob* So I took a day off to mourn as I really didn’t feel Christmas.

However we’re BACK! And this time with another Hallmance (I imagine from the plot) called Broadcasting Christmas. The plot is thusly: TV host quits. Replacement sought. Four contenders. Shenanigans ensue.

Clarissa and Superman! (Melissa Joan Hart and Dean Cain)

Who puts decorations in their bathroom?!?!

This is a fun movie. Cain and Hart have great chemistry together and to be quite honest this plays more like a big screen romantic comedy than a standard Christmas movie. One of the rivals, you expect her to be the fly in the ointment, but she’s written out quite early on.

There’s very little cliche in this movie. It’s a nice little romp around New York at Christmas. The Christmas content isn’t huge, but it’s there…

We’ve had a run of good movies lately, and this continues it. If you have Hallmark in the US, or Super Channel in Canada, this is a new movie this year, and it’s well worth settling down with some egg nog and enjoying the ride.

It’s also quite funny in spots, especially the lady with the hundred year old fruit cake and how she refers to Dean.

5 out of 5 Jingle Bells


I can’t take another potentially tedious cliche filled romp tonight, so tonight something a little different. Our second documentary of the season.

It’s on Netflix in Canada so hopefully in other regions too. It’s a documentary about folk who travel to sell Christmas trees in New York every year. “There’s no Christmas without a tree!” some say. These are the guys and gals who sell the trees to the denizens of the Big Apple who want a real tree.

Unlike the individual mentioned in the very opening, the first Tree Man we meet, from Quebec… He goes to New York .. Without trees. You’re left wondering “Where are his trees?” Well it seems he gets them from North Carolina… At this point I’m wondering why he bothers?

That aside this is a great documentary about a Christmas subculture of New York that I never knew existed. Did YOU know that Christmas tree vendors on the streets of New York are traditionally from Quebec or Vermont? I did not know this!

This documentary runs about 80 minutes and is an absolutely wonderful slice of New York Christmas life. HIGHLY recommended.

out of 5 Jingle Bells

I see this movie hyped every year. I get told every year “You have to watch this movie!” And even “It’s the greatest Christmas movie ever made!” (Which if true means the late, great Alan Rickman (screw you 2016) is in two of the greatest. The other being, of course, Die Hard.)

So this year I decided to finally watch this apparent modern classic. Within the first few minutes I’m staggered by the stars in it. Basically anyone who was anyone in 2003 is in this film! What a cast! I love most of them as well!

The film definitely requires attention given the sheer number of storylines going on. I told the wife “You can’t read Facebook while watching this!” It is also an R rated movie, for good reason. Definitely not appropriate for the kids, or anyone who has problems with sexual content in movies.

I’m a hopeless romantic so it’s surprising it took me this long to get around to watching this. I get the impression Richard Curtis thought “So if people love the ending of romantic movies with one couple, lets make one with LOADS!”

The intertwining story is fun to keep up with.  The twists and turns are fun. And Hugh Grant dancing was one of the greatest cinematic moments in film history.

However the twinge of sadness two fold. One is the amazing Alan Rickman who as I sit and type this I’m getting misty eyed. 2016 was the year England lost one of it’s finest singers (Bowie) and finest actors (Rickman). Just a brutally sad year. It’s slightly disappointing that Rickman will be mostly remembered for his role in the Harry Potter series, when he was so much more than that. This won’t be the only time I’m sad this Christmas. I plan to watch and write up Die Hard, and will raise a glass to one of his earliest, yet greatest creations, Hans Gruber.

Secondly is seeing Liam Neeson playing a widower, knowing he himself lost his wife a few years later under tragic circumstances.

Twinges of sadness aside this movie lived up to the hype. I love how not all the relationships wound up with a happy ending, just like real life.

Wish I had saved this for the last movie of this years insanity as it would have been a perfect ending.

5 out of Jingle Bells

My beloved Alicia Witt is in this. You see a lot of the same actors in Christmas movies. I’m enamored with two of them. One is Lindy Booth. (Currently in the TV show “The Librarians”) and the other is Alicia Witt. I remember what I think was her first on screen appearance. That was Twin Peaks!

Anyway, this is a NEW Witt Christmas movie. Can’t wait!

Isobel had an overbearing mother at Christmas who wouldn’t let her do anything. Fast forward 25 years and Isobel is spending the holiday in the “perfect Christmas town” of Fall River, and has a list of things to do to make the perfect Christmas.

Alicia is adorable as always. Her male lead is Gabriel Hogan who was in “Christmas at Cartwrights” with her which we’ve watched before. They don’t exactly set the screen aflame but they’re cute nonetheless.

This is by far the most Christmassy movie so far. I love Alicia as I said, and while it’s predictable it’s just SO lovely… Christmas oozes from every frame, and did I mention how lovely Alicia is?

5 out of 5 Jingle Bells



Hey! This has Shelley Long and George Wendt in it. CHEERS REUNION!

Nice gender flip with the lead couple. He’s a school teacher, she’s a scientist.

-2 Modifier… Girls parents are jerks, Dad tells YOUNG GRANDSON there’s no Santa Claus. BOOOOOO!

Movie takes an interesting turn. Father has been investing the new boyfriend but can find nothing on him. Girl says “All I know is his parents run a toy business up in Alaska or something…”

I SMELL PLOT TWIST! Shelly and George will be Santa and Mrs Claus, right??

More “There’s no Santa Claus” talk!! GRR! Skirting close to a game misconduct and a -3!

AND YET MORE! -3 modifier!!!! I feel bad for the young kids in these movies.

So he’s Santa’s kid. And he’s getting married. But his girl doesn’t know the family secret.

Oh dear god I am so bored…


I had a rough day and kept falling asleep! My wife liked it. I thought it was trash. Giving it a point back because of my wife.

2 out of 5 Jingle Bells.